Kapaflex ®

It is a clear, low volatile plasticizer that is compatible with several polymers.

Kapaflex® is a clear, low volatile plastizer that is compatible with several polymers such as polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl acetate, phenol-formaldehyde and some alkyds. Kapaflex is a primary plasticizers for polyvinyl chloride. They are often used to replace plasticizers such as dibutyl phthalate and butyl benzyl phthalate. They are highly solvating monomeric plasticizers that decrease processing times and lower processing temperatures. It also offers superior resistance to extraction by solvents such as kerosene, cotton seed oil and soapy water. These properties make it an excellent choice for the production of vinyl flooring, extrusions, plastisols and elastomers.

Kapaflex® is an excellent plasticizer for phenol-formaldehyde resins. It offers equal or superior performance to other recognized adhesive plasticizers. It is compatible with moulding, casting and adhesive resins. It reduces set times, increase open times, reduce heat sealing temperature. They also serve to enhance solution viscocity, ofter eliminating the need for other adhesives. It is also environmentally friendly alternative to phthalates without sacrificing performance.

Kapaflex® is used in polyvinyl acetate adhesives to improve adhesion characteristics to polyolefin Surfaces. It is also used in the packaging industry for carton sealing / forming for book binding and labeling and in construction to form decorative walls panel and window frames and other products as well in the production of mastics and caulking compounds.

CAS NO. 9004 – 86 – 8
GROSS WT. 1000 Kgs
TARE WT. 160 Kgs
NET WT. 1160 Kgs

Kapaflex 200 is packed in 1000 Litre Bulk Container .

18 Totes are stuffed in a 20 ft container . 1160 Kgs of Kapaflex 200 equivalent to 2556 lbs is filled in each Tote. Container Gross weight is 21,906 Kgs & Net Weight is 20,880 Kgs.